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About Brain Studio
Hmmm. About us. Isn't that a page that most organizations post information more for their own validation than the interest of their Visitor.

Nope. Its much more than that. It's about credibility—and until you've got that your chances of a potential Customer to become a long time Customer are slim to none.
At Brain Studio we believe in the power of diverse skills converging on one project or for one Client allowing us to provide a truly unique quality of service. This is not the same "unique quality of service" you may get from other organizations, but what we believe is a true fusion of left-brained and right-brained thinking. A fusion of the visually creative and the logically objective.

Our team hail from very diverse walks of life and even more obtuse disciplines that, once merged, create a solution that is unlike those provided by our competition.

Imagine an illustrator with a firm grasp of deadlines. Imagine a copywriter who's as skilled in authoring as they are in editing. Imagine an artist with a mind for business and marketing.

This is not a fiction, nor was this unicorn left behind in the great flood—it exists here at the Brain Studio.

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