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Identities Logically Objective

Logo & Identity
Cherry Hills Vet Clinic
Thompson Knox

Logo & Identity
Intermission Magazine
Thompson Knox

Logo & Identity
Schlafly Beer
Peggy Soehngen

Did you think about your company logo or just select "Times" in the font menu? Let us design something that speaks volumes in the brevity of a name.
Would you prefer to have your food served by a name-tagged gentlemen in his ironed Oxford, bowtie and spit-polished shoes who delivers your meal on a silver platter or by "Jo Jo, that kid down the street" bejeweled in his yellowed wife-beater, nicotine-stained fingers and the pants hanging from his hips, who whisks your meal to you on a delectable polystyrene plate accented only by the spork-in-a-wrapper already on the table in front of you.

Yeah. Sometimes it pays to have it together. Its probably more impressive to hand someone a business card than to hand them a receipt from QuikTrip(R), your number delicately scrawled in red crayon. A unified look that runs through business card, portfolio, print ads and to the Web is not an option, its a necessity

An identity gives your company more than a name. It builds a recognizable brand. You know, a brand like McDonald's(R), GMC(R) or perhaps a little known retailer name Walmart(R). We may or may not like these brands, but you know who I'm talking about don't you?

Get an Identity done or send in your SASE for a free crayon, Jo Jo.

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