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Need a tracer? Ba dum dum. Take a load off, let us wrap up what you've started. An artist is more prolific when she sets a tight focus.
It's a cop out to roll out the Kevin Smith reference isn't it? But it has become a pop culture cliche because of the truth it holds within it.

Though the industry marches on with progress, dropping inkers from the top billing of the creative team to just removing inking from the production equation totally and allowing the colorist, now called digital painters, to pick up the slack, inking remains a crucial element in the production process for most projects.

With studio illustrators with the skills that we can provide on the creative site, we are happy to offer the ability to not only ink your work, but to improve it through our crisp approaches to inking. We feel that an inker brings more to the table than tracing to be sure.

They bring the ability to accentuate the positives in a piece. They bring the ability to create mood and texture. Overall, they bring an added layer (no pun intended) of artistic expression to the work.

As well as reviewing a sampling of our analog inks in the column at left, pay special attention to our digital inking style which creates an unbelievably crisp and vector-based extensibility to any piece of penciled artwork.

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